The Nike Air Max running shoes introduced in 1987 is the first pair of sports shoes that use visible large air cushion shock system. Then, in 1995, Air Max 95 completed a scientific and technological innovation, using front and rear palm segmented Air air cushion. After nearly 30 years of continuous development, Air Max will usher in a breakthrough - Nike Air VaporMax, to bring lightweight runners and sustained shock performance. 's new breakthrough is due to the new technology that makes the Nike VaporMax air cushion alone as an outsole. The past air Air must rely on an extra layer of rubber protection to provide durability, and new technology to make designer Air can be integrated into a VaporMax and the outer air cushion; the past needs to be molded into a fixed structure, and a new air cushion elastic can independent activities, and maintain the status quo. remove the additional protection of the air cushion rubber that can accommodate more air cushion, abandon the fixed sh Retro jordans for sale ape improved air cushion deformation ability, allows designers to place more air in the foot to strengthen the cushioning, two kinds of innovative technology makes VaporMax in performance beyond the traditional foam rubber outsole. new outsole eliminates the bulky foam layer and provides greater flexibility and elasticity under the condition of ensuring flexibility of the air cushion, as well as reducing weight and reducing material waste. The design of VaporMax air Air is better in upper direct comfort and stronger energy feedback. Nike Air VaporMax shoes are made of Nike Flyknit fabric, providing accurate support performance and further lightweight. More Air VaporMax information is available from Nike+ applications. To become a Nike+ member, please go to 7/27 Adidas released its latest Boost technology basketball shoes Adidas D Rose 5 Boost and Crazylight Boost, this buffer technology will bring new feelings. On the same day, please come to Derrick Rose and Damian Lil cheap jordans for sale mens lard presentation. The presentation will take place at the MGM Grand garden in Las Vegas, where the former NBA star, the current player analyst, is invited to host the Greg Anthony. In addition to the shoes that, in the media but also in the stadium and Jrue Holiday, Joakim Noah, Jeff Teague, Tim Hardaway Jr, Arron Afflalo and Marcus Smart and other players to experience the feeling of basketball shoes Boost technology. Through the film, we will be able to return to the scene and experience the atmosphere. Crazylight Boost and D Rose 5 Boost will be listed on 9/1 and 10/23 in the United States respectively, and the price will be $140 yuan, and then they will be sold on abroad. adidas Boost series basketball shoes presentation film review source: Counterkicks / Derrick Rose Facebook is the latest model of NikeLab for all-weather wear, as well as the Nike's new Komyuter shoe's first improved product. The complex design of ACG.07. KMTR is inspire cheap foamposites d by a brown paper bag. It confirms that complex solutions can also come from simple functional proposals. 's proposal to expand the shoe opening and improve the ease of wear prompted the designer to put a bag over his feet and then squeeze it into a shoe shape. This simple, basic move has produced a very creative result: a monolithic shoe turned from a big opening into a closed state of support, creating a new type of performance shoe. finally, designers use full elastic waterproof shoe in the production of ACG.07.KMTR, through the development of pumping rope system with the feet together, and use the palm lacing stability of feet equipped with Fidlock magnetic buckle. Although the system structure of this shoe is more complicated, it is very simple to use: untie the hasp, open the shoes, put the foot in, and tighten the rope to complete. "this pair of shoes is not only waterproof function, and lightweight, flexible and easy to wear, excellent grip, and it also introduced a n Cheap air jordans for sale ew aesthetic design, more importantly, it is the most simplified functional elements of shoes. Because when people travel in the city, they don't need complicated wearing systems to distract them. "Nike NSW footwear designer Gerald Sullivan said. To understand the origin of ACG.07.KMTR design concept to realize its application range is wide, which is designed to meet a series of environment all-weather city in demand, including the mutation of heavy rains and sudden temperature, and hard cement pavement and various indoor floor all road conditions, it also takes into account the wearer walking in the daily activities in the distance could easily exceed a mobile elite athletes in a training session in the distance. and its complexity in function: in order to make the shoes also have excellent and comfort, a brown paper bag into a pair of shoes and a performance, the idea of scientific experiment is very similar. "we experimented with many closed systems, and I began to think ab Retro jordans for sale out how the parachute unfolded, and how it unfolded if it was reversed.". Finally, the best approach is to use through the pumping rope through the shoes, and the move of the upper bag like shape. The second is through the locking magnetic button appears, it is not only a low-key, but also adds a unique texture for the appearance of neat shoes. "Gerald Sullivan explains. The function of the ACG.07.KMTR determines the appearance. The vamp changes from a relaxed opening to a smooth, rapid profile, and then combines with a full rubber sole with slip stripes (the same as Nike, Tallac, Flyknit, ACG). 〉Air Jordan 5, Retro, Low, Fire, Red, Taiwan, 03, 12, will be sold at a particular store. We are responsible for arranging the distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. Wuchang 23 Reagan smile - Reagen sports striker source: Nike South Korean star Park Hae cheap jordans for sale Jin is passionate about Air Max, and his gym collection is full of Air Max. "tell you an interesting story," actor and model Park Hae Jin took out a yellowed photograph and said, "this is a picture of me when I was a child.". I was only two years old then. But look at what I'm wearing on my foot. I've been wearing Nike shoes all my life." Air Max 97 for decades after that picture, the South Korean star has undergone many changes. But Park Hae Jin has more to do with shoes. The actor has nearly 1000 pairs of sneakers, most of them Air Max. Air Max 1 Ultra Moire these sneakers are in his apartment in Seoul. Instead of putting them in the closet, the shoes are stored in a storage room converted from a garage. "personally, I don't think the number of shoes on behalf of my collection," said Park Hae Jin, "if I have all I want shoes, so I think my collection is complete." Park Hae Jin's love of shoes might be a bit unusual. In South Korea, however, there is a minority of sneakers. Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping "there has been a lot of progress in Korean shoe culture over the years," Park Hae Jin said. "In the past, few people were seen queuing up for tents and buying sneakers, but now it's common.". And I'm not kidding, Air Max is hot in korea." Air Max 90 , the pioneer of this new sneaker culture, Park Hae Jin realized that the shoes he wore were more than just his personal style. He's leading a new generation of shoe collectors in East asia. They are breaking the tradition and creating modern men's subculture. No longer just a mix, but a mashup to create a unique style. "people used to tell me that wearing a Air Max would look strange," Park Hae Jin said. "And now it's a trend."."While was choosing to dress for the upcoming shooting, Park Hae Jin looked closely at a row of Air Max. He loved the shoes in a leisurely manner, and the details of history and culture, his passion for sports shoes so remarkable. , "it's really nice to put on my favorite shoes," Park Hae Jin said. "Simply sp Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping eaking, that's the best feeling." Earlier we have from the Usain Bolt release of the film to see him first to show Puma AutoDisc in Puma, today officially released the double lacing system powered by the epoch-making shoes to Disc turntable device brand classic is modeled in the body of the shoe inside into the motor system, only need to press the button will be tightened cable to coated effect, in the end is equipped with IGNITE technology to provide a stable comfort. Puma AutoDisc is still in the prototype stage, need to rely on external USB charging, the brand said that in 2016, the official version will be embedded in the charging board, so that the charging way is more simple. source: Highsnobiety earlier you share Asics new technology Asics Gel Lyte 3 EVO new retro shoes series, launched ushered in the new color "Laser Cut", as the name you can find through the picture to the upper suede material by laser technology cutting out the lines quite attractive, while the heel cheap jordans online the design looks like real wood, let the rebirth of Gel via science and technology Lyte 3 EVO add a lot of texture in the details of the design, this series of shoes priced at $$150, currently available on the sneakerpolitics website to buy. news source: kicksonfire from Washington DC to the DTLR store location DMV for inspiration (DMV Maryland and Virginia DC in Washington, Maryland, Virginia), New Balance 990v4 gives new colors, yellow, red and white dotted drawn on the Maryland state flag, is recognized as the best American flag, followed by implantation of the label Black Plaid represents the fence to commemorate George, Baron Calfo of Maryland? Defend Fort grant, design in the asymmetric way are red, yellow and white, show DTLR love for hip-hop culture. DTLR X New Balance 990v4 with three of the shoes with laces, the DTLR website has shelves quickly sold out. source: The, Shoe, GameThis pair of bright color Madden high visual impact, coupled with low flexible shoes hands cheap jordan shoes for men ome, is undoubtedly a great choice summer street outfit! item: 832822-805[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] German sports brand Adidas Group in 2012 received more than 14.5 billion euros in sales, and thus the same as previously announced new highs. Herbert Hainer Adidas Group president, said in a newspaper interview that, due to the impact of the debt crisis, in 2015 the Group's sales target of 17 billion euros. Especially in southern Europe, are struggling. On the other hand, the adidas Group in the United States, Russia, China and Europe as a whole showed a growth in the state. Hainer announced that next year will launch the product offensive. Because next year did not like the Olympics, World Cup or European Cup, the global campaign to promote sales of the feast. He said in an interview, the adidas Group will market many new products, such as a brand-new running shoes will reform the entire market. In addition, he also expects 2013 sales to a record Adidas. Meanwhile, Hainer dismissed the allegations of human rights organizations, a major supplier of Adidas Group harsh working conditions in Asia's. He said: "Our suppliers pay minimum wage or a little more than minimum wage, had endured difficult conditions, otherwise they can not even be produced for us." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News) previously Chinese match against the Clippers wasp's Chinese match, deandre Jordan respectively on foot across two Adidas end combat shoes, which are Crazyquick 3 and D rose Englewood IV. Current speculation shoe contracts expired, he might be, in the choice of shoes seems more and Nike rival Adidas bias, follow-up how we will in shoes information relevant reports. And today, together to understand the performance of these two shoes in the end how it. Crazyquick 3adidas shoe body uses is forming one of the mesh fabric, elastic and the techfit boots, so if you choose for their size, wearing into comfort is good the. The TPU structure of Quickframe lie in the shoe body, compared to J WALL 2 front is more direct. While the benefits of doing so is to strengthen the overall support, but also solve the rollover prevention and ensure the stability of shoes. Problem is the two Quickframe TPU when change to will cause some friction on the instep, the little toe also will be squeezed, so shoes the overall bias is slender foot friends. And as for the shoes of the slow shock performance, is still adiPRENE+, the overall slow shock slightly hard, after a slight relaxation. And this pair of shoes is prominent is its reactivity, the forefoot is affixed to the design, let the response can be described as first-class, and herringbone outsole design on the top of the grip also has a good performance, as for wear resistance outsole overall partial soft, wear-resisting. Shoes 500-600 between the current market, suitable for speed type players. Rose Englewood IVDRose Englewood IV D on behalf of a change before the series of low help shape, the use of the help presented. Provide a variety of versions of vamp material, with suede and leather etc.. But no matter what kind of version, shoes in the permeability of the above can be described as low to help the shape is very inconsistent, the permeability can be used to describe the bad. And as for the bottom shoes the also the epistemic the new Bounse Technology (new development of EVA foam material, elastic between boost and adiPRENE+ between), so the shoes the overall slow earthquake effect is good. As regards the protection of low sneakers for the protection of the ankle is flawed this must have everyone know, but the use of elastic drawstring the shoes for the package is very good. And this in the end of the thick Rose Englewood IV D in the boot is not Adidas in the past, shoes, so fast. As for the design of large bottom herringbone or has the guarantee in the grip, but generally wear resistance. Shoes, the current market price of 450-550 yuan.